Dual Fuel Conversion for Diesel Generators

Dual Fuel Power Systems is a Proud Canadian Company, located in Toronto.

We have been developing our own technology, since 1997.  

We are a pioneer in the conversion of diesel engines to run on a mixture of gas and diesel fuel. We are the ONLY company in the world offering a dedicated, modular, microprocessor controlled dual fuel conversion system for diesel generators with an intelligently controlled, load-based, gas flow actuator as a standard fit, and knock control system amongst other safety features, along with the option of remote monitoring.

Our kit optimizes performance and safety and has been acknowledged by operators as the most efficient and cost effective on the market today.Our latest generation kit combines decades of experience with modern microprocessor technology and computer aided machining manufacturing techniques to give the customer a product that is scalable, easy to install and even easier to manage.

Dual Fuel Power Systems (DFPS) is wholly owned by Exclaim Ventures Ltd. We used to market our kit under the Exclaim brand and we still use that logo on our legacy kits.