Our Dual Fuel Kit can be used to operate Diesel Generators on a variety of gas sources, this mode of operation is also known as Bi-Fuel. We provide customized solutions for each individual case and can be the prime integrator for all associated components to work with our kits.

By substituting natural gas for diesel, the engine systems can reduce fuel costs and lower emissions of carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and particulates, as well as having a distinct competitive advantage over other types of natural gas engine by retaining the base diesel engine's power, efficiency and reliability characteristics.

Many operators of diesel engines are installing equipment to reduce fuel costs by converting their engines for bi-fuel operation with natural gas.  Substitution rates of up to 70% can be achieved, leading to substantially lower fuel expense due to the lower price of natural gas.  Operating hours possible without re-supply of diesel fuel can be extended as well. When using gas in compressed form, the gas logistics can be further diversified.  

CNG/LNG Options

Customers can use flow based Pressure Reduction Stations, High Pressure Storage Cascades, and CNG Tube Trailers. 


  • Capability to run on field gas as an alternative to flaring.
  • Designed with CSA certified components.
  • Safety features built into the integrated controls.
  • Maintain original emissions certifications with retrofit kit.
  • Lower fuel costs with up to 70%* replacement of diesel with gas.
  • Maintain existing service intervals and component life.