FG Wilson P400-E5

Diesel to Natural Gas Conversion
Jebel Ali,United Arab Emirates
Final Destination: Tullow Gas Proving Field , UGANDA

The Bi-Fuel Generator can be programmed via a laptop, and can provide automatic operation with remote monitoring and control options.


In the oil and gas market, fuel is one of the largest contributors to total cost of operation. Dual Fuel engines allow for impressive reductions in these costs. The rapid expansion and abundance of natural gas in some areas of the world provides a dramatic cost advantage.

The integrated controls optimize substitution rate based on operating conditions, to seamlessly and automatically transition between diesel fuel and dual fuel modes. The ability to operate on 100 percent diesel fuel or dual fuel modes provides flexibility based on local availability of natural gas.


There is flexibility with the quality of gas an operator uses. An operator can run on a lower-cost, lower-quality gas at a lower substitution rate, or use a higher-quality fuel at a slightly higher cost with a higher substitution rate.

In some parts of the world dual fuel engines must meet applicable compression ignition emissions regulations. While specifics may vary, typically an oxidation catalyst to lower carbon monoxide (CO) and non-methane hydrocarbon (NMHC) emissions is required.